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Open a HORECA Company in Luxembourg

Open a HORECA Company in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a very attractive touristic destination which is why tourism has become a very important economic sector in this country. Foreign investors who want to try their luck in an industry which does not require very large amounts of money, like the financial one, can set up HORECA businesses in Luxembourg.

There are several types of businesses which can be registered in the HORECA sector in Luxembourg, among which restaurants and hotels are the most popular. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer information on the legislation applicable to businesses in the tourism industry.

Types of HORECA businesses in Luxembourg

HORECA is short from hotel-restaurant-café, therefore these are the main types of activities such company can undertake. However, catering businesses can also be integrated in the HORECA sector in Luxembourg.

Local and foreign investors who want to open HORECA businesses in this country can set up one of these ventures or they can use the most common form which is a hotel with one or more restaurants and cafes. The advantage for such a company is the licensing process which is completed in one step.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can assist with the registration on any of the above-mentioned types of HORECA companies.

How to register a company in the HORECA sector in Luxembourg

The HORECA industry is a very prolific one because of the flexibility it offers to investors. These can set up small or large restaurants, hostels or 5-star hotels and even family businesses, depending on the amount they are willing to invest.

The registration process of a HORECA business starts with choosing the company structure and its registration with the Trade Register and the tax authorities. Following that the licensing process can begin. This implies a verification of the premises from the local authorities and the issuance of the types of licenses in accordance with the activity of the business. In the case of hotels, a classification is mandatory, while in the case of restaurants and cafes, the hygiene code must be respected. Hiring specialized personnel, no matter the field of activity is also required.

For full information or assistance in setting up a HORECA business, please contact our Luxembourg lawyers.