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Open a Restaurant in Luxembourg

Open a Restaurant in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most appreciated touristic destinations in Europe thanks to its history and the landscapes which are often praised by visitors. Most of the times, sightseeing must be completed by the accommodation and catering services and Luxembourg is one of the countries offering the best dining places on the continent. Whether we are talking about cozy places to eat or luxurious restaurants, one will always find a pleasant location in Luxembourg.

Foreign investors interested in exploring the food industry by opening a restaurant in Luxembourg have plenty of opportunities. However, they must also comply with the regulations that come when establishing a restaurant in the Grand Duchy. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer detailed information on these regulations.

Registering a food business in Luxembourg

No matter if the restaurant one intends to open is small or large, the same requirements related to the company registration regulations apply in Luxembourg. The first step will be to choose an appropriate business name and have the documents required for filing with the Trade Registrar in Luxembourg. Following that, the restaurant must obtain its business permit. One must pay attention to the requisites related to obtaining a business license for a Luxembourg restaurant.

If you need assistance during the company formation procedure, you can rely on the services provided by our law firm in Luxembourg.

Special requirements for opening a restaurant in Luxembourg

The first special requirement a Luxembourg restaurant must comply with is the qualifications of the manager and of the personnel. First of all, the manager must have a diploma or a certificate related to the food or catering industry or at least 3 years of experience in running a restaurant in a EU country.

Following that, the restaurant will undergo two inspections: one carried out by the mayor of city where the food establishment operates and the second one from the Environmental Agency in Luxembourg. Other licenses could also be required depending on the food the restaurant will serve.

For full information on the legislation related to setting up a restaurant in Luxembourg, please feel free to contact us.