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Set Up a Hotel in Luxembourg

Set Up a Hotel in Luxembourg

Foreign investors who want to explore the tourism industry in Luxembourg can set up various types of businesses. Among these restaurants and travel agencies are the most sought, however, for those interested in more consistent investments which will yield higher returns, an accommodation unit business is a better choice. Setting up a hotel in Luxembourg is not complicated as foreign investors are welcome to open companies in the Grand Duchy and benefit from the same regulations as local enterprisers.

If you are interested in starting a hotel business in this country, our lawyers in Luxembourg can explain the steps you need to follow.

Registering a Luxembourg company for the purpose of opening a hotel

Entrepreneurs know that the first step to open any type of company in Luxembourg is to register one of the available business forms. This also applies to those who want to create hotels in Luxembourg. The limited liability company is one of the best structures to open an accommodation establishment in this country. Once the company is registered, it must apply for the business permit which will enable it to start operating.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can offer more information on the requirements to obtain a business permit when opening a hotel. We can also assist with the registration process of the structure used for doing business.

Requirements for hotels in Luxembourg

Once the Luxembourg company is registered, the premises of the hotel chosen and arranged, it must obtain several approvals from the local authorities. These approvals will mainly depend on the services and the facilities offered to the clients of the Luxembourg hotel. Also, based on these services, the hotel will be classified by the Ministry for Tourism.

Luxembourg hotels must also take into account that they are required to abide by the regulations imposed to employees in the HORECA (hotel, restaurant, café) sector. These include a minimum number of workers and a minimum number of work hours.

For full information on how to establish a hotel in Luxembourg, please contact us. Our Luxembourg lawyers can also assist with the company registration procedure and can advise you on the legislation related to the tourism industry.