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Immigrate to Luxembourg

Immigrate to Luxembourg

Foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Luxembourg must complete various formalities depending on their countries of origin. These are less stringent for EU citizens and lengthier for non-EU nationals who want to move to Luxembourg. Below, our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg explain the main conditions related to relocating to the Grand Duchy. You can rely on us no matter if you are an EU or non-EU citizen, as all our services are tailored to your needs.

 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  (YES/NO)  No, EU citizens do no need visas to enter Luxembourg 

 Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (YES/NO)


 Types of visas available

– entry visas,

– student visas,

– business visas,

– employment permits,

– temporary residence permit,

– long-term residence permits can be obtained to immigrate to Luxembourg 

 Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)  Between 15 and 45 days depending on the applicant's country of origin 
Validity of temporary residence permit 

First residence permit has a validity of one year 

 Temporary residence permit renewal requirements

The conditions met when obtaining the first permit must be maintained. 

 Documents for obtaining a residence permit

– valid passport,

– valid health insurance,

– documents attesting the reason to move to Luxembourg,

– proof of local address,

– proof of sufficient self-sustenance funds 

 Timeframe for obtaining permanent residence

 Living in Luxembourg for 5 uninterrupted years

 Investor Visa availability

There are various schemes under which investors can relocate to Luxembourg.

 Start-up Visa Scheme availability (YES/NO) No 
 Sponsorship requirement (YES/NO)

No, there is no sponsorship requirement to immigrate to Luxembourg.

 Time frame for obtaining citizenship

Living in Luxembourg for 5 years based on a permanent residence permit. 

 Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability 

Residency by investment scheme is available. 

 Taxation of foreign citizens

Residents must pay the income tax on their worlwide income in Luxembourg at rates rangining from 0% to 42%. 

 Tax benefits for expats 50% tax exemption of an amount not exceeding 30% of the impatriate’s annual basic salary (for highly-skilled workers)

Luxembourg migration regulations

Luxembourg’s immigration process implies respecting the Nationality Law which prescribes the types of visas foreign citizens need to enter the country and the permits enabling them to live here. In terms of visas, here are the main options for those who want to relocate to Luxembourg for definite periods:

  • short-term visas;
  • long-term visas used by those interested in immigration to Luxembourg.

The last option enables an applicant to later qualify for permanent residency and citizenship in Luxembourg. If you are interested in starting the relocation procedure, you can get in touch with our immigration lawyer in Luxembourg.

Foreign citizens can also apply for Schengen visas for Luxembourg which take from 15 to 60 days to be issued, depending on various factors. If you want to immigrate to Luxembourg from a non-EU country, we advise you to calculate your departure in accordance considering that you may need to apply for such a visa.

The main options to relocate to Luxembourg for foreigners

Even though immigration to Luxembourg implies applying for a residence permit, the purpose of relocation is just as important. From this point of view, non-EU/EEA citizens can move here:

  • as employees, as long as they have a job offer, or they transfer from one company to another;
  • as businesspersons, by applying for short-term visas followed by residency;
  • for family reunion purposes;
  • as students.

No matter the way you decide to move here, our lawyers are at your disposal with tailored relocation services in Luxembourg.

Obtaining residency in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, the immigration process is not lengthy if all the requirements are met, and once moved here, the applicant can enjoy various benefits. In order to obtain them, however, one must secure a residence permit.

If EU citizens only need residence certificates that are issued by the nearest local authorities at their addresses (places to stay), non-EU citizens must consider applying for residence permits.

Here are the main reasons under which non-EU citizens can obtain Luxembourg residence permits:

  1. employment which is one of the most common ways to immigrate to Luxembourg;
  2. studentship also implies obtaining temporary residency in Luxembourg;
  3. investment which is a great way to relocate to Luxembourg and run a business here;
  4. retirement is also an option for those desiring a peaceful lifestyle.

We mention the fact that obtaining a temporary residence permit can take up to three months, so feel free to discuss all related aspects to our law firm in Luxembourg. We can also advise on other Luxembourg migration regulations. 

You can also read more on this subject in the infographic below:


Documents required to move to Luxembourg

If you plan to immigrate to Luxembourg, here are the main documents to prepare and file with the embassy or consulate in your home country:

  • the valid passport (at least six months of validity is required);
  • a health certificate is also needed for non-EU citizens (it depends on the country of origin of the applicant);
  • a clean criminal record may also be needed (especially for those coming based on investment visas);
  • reason of relocation (employment contract, sponsorship from an educational institution, pension coupon, etc.) – having a proper reason is essential for immigration to Luxembourg;
  • proof of having a place to stay (rental agreement, lease contract, proof of property ownership).

In the case of EU citizens, the proof of address will be used to obtain the residency certificate. If you decide to move to Luxembourg, get in touch with our specialists for support in applying for the desired residence permit. Our immigration lawyer in Luxembourg can also help you obtain permanent residence here. We are at your disposal with various relocation services in Luxembourg.

Immigrate to Luxembourg by employment

One of the safest ways to move to the Grand Duchy is by employment, especially when coming here from a non-EU country, as they need visas to enter and stay in the country.

Luxembourg’s migration rules for non-EU citizens applying for residency by employment imply first getting a labor contract with a local employer. This way, the Luxembourg company will be required to submit the work permit application for the foreign employee it wants to bring to the country. However, an important aspect to consider is that the hiring process can start after the enterprise has exhausted all internal and external resources to fill the post with a national or an EU citizen.

Luxembourg’s immigration requirements for EU citizens are less stringent, as they are permitted to move to Luxembourg during the first three months of residence without seeking for a residence permit. They can choose to work for a local business or run their own business in the Grand Duchy. Immigration to Luxembourg is also available by starting a business. You can become an employee of the company you establish in the Duchy, which would allow you to obtain permanent residency. The process of registering a company typically takes two to four weeks. Our lawyers specialize in various matters, including business incorporation and relocation.

Register as a sole trader or entrepreneur here comes with various advantages, such as running one’s own small business. Our immigration lawyers are also at the service of those seeking to relocate to Luxembourg with their family.

Moving to Luxembourg as an entrepreneur

The rules for immigration to Luxembourg as an entrepreneur depend on whether the applicant requires a business permit or his/her accreditations and experience suffice. The first step to obtaining a self-employment visa implies first applying for a temporary authorization to stay, followed by obtaining the respective visa.

Luxembourg’s migration regulations for third-country nationals require them to meet the following conditions in order to be given permission to work as a self-employed worker:

  • to prove they have the skills or experience related to the professions of craftsman, trader, industrialist, and liberal professions;
  • provide evidence that they have the necessary resources to carry out the desired activity in Luxembourg;
  • ensure they are registered with the appropriate professional body in the relevant professional register (where applicable).

The application is usually submitted in person, however, it is also possible to appoint a proxy to complete the procedure by power of attorney. You can rely on our Luxembourg lawyers for relocation services.

The request for a temporary authorization to stay must include the following:

  • a copy of the valid passport;
  • a copy of the criminal record or a sworn declaration in the country of residency;
  • an updated resume;
  • a strategy for financing the business;
  • evidence that the applicant has the financial means to execute his/her business plan.

The self-employment permit is issued in approximately three months from obtaining the temporary authorization to stay.

If you need more information on Luxembourg’s immigration requirements as a sole entrepreneur, feel free to discuss this option with our specialists.

Moving to Luxembourg with the family

One of the best ways to relocate to Luxembourg is through family reunion. Apart from having the support of a relative in blending with society, one can stay in the Grand Duchy for one year.

Let’s review some of the requirements for moving to Luxembourg with the family:

  1. this type of visa is available for certain family members only;
  2. before the issuance of the family reunion visa, the applicant must obtain a temporary authorization to stay;
  3. the documents to draft for moving to Luxembourg with the family depend on the relation with the relative the foreign citizen intends to live;
  4. the person living in Luxembourg must be a lawful resident here.

Who can relocate to Luxembourg with the family? This visa is available for:

  • spouses and civil partners;
  • minor and adult children, as long as the latter are under the age of 21 and are financially dependent on the Luxembourg resident parent;
  • parents;
  • other relatives who are financially dependent on the resident or who have health issues.

Our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg can offer more information about the family reunion visa.

Documents required for family reunion in Luxembourg

Non-EU citizens moving to Luxembourg with family members must prepare various documents. They depend on the relationship with the Luxembourg residents. More importantly, first, they need to draft the necessary documents to obtain authorization for a short-term stay. In this case, the following papers are necessary:

  • valid passport;
  • birth certificate, in the case of children;
  • marriage license/civil union document, in the case of spouses, respectively civil partners;
  • passport of the Luxembourg resident.

After arrival, the immigrant family member must register with the municipality within a maximum period of 3 months.

Obtaining permanent residency and citizenship in Luxembourg

The documentation needed to apply for a permanent residence visa in Luxembourg after five years of living here is not difficult, but the duration must be carefully examined, as it can take up to six months to obtain the PR card.

In terms of citizenship, investment is one of the main ways to secure a Luxembourg passport after five years of uninterrupted stay. However, naturalization is also available for those who have lived for the same time frame.

If you are interested in exploring other options before deciding to immigrate to Luxembourg permanently, the digital nomad visa is a great option to get acquainted with the lifestyle here.  

Here is also our video on this subject:

Foreign citizens living in Luxembourg

According to recent data:

  • Luxembourg’s population was made of 660,809 inhabitants at the level of 2023;
  • 47.4% of the population or 313,400 people was foreign;
  • the largest number of immigrants came from Portugal (92,101 citizens).

If you want to immigrate to Luxembourg and need support, please contact our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg.