Verification of a Company in Luxembourg

Verification of a Company in Luxembourg

Updated on Tuesday 04th February 2020

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The verification of a company in Luxembourg is an indispensable procedure for investors who want to purchase an existing company. A full company check-up ensures the buyer that the investment is safe and it will provide valuable profit in the future. 
Types of company verification in Luxembourg
Entrepreneurs who want to invest in Luxembourg have a variety of business entities to choose from: joint stock company, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, cooperative company.
Most entrepreneurs choose to open limited liability companies. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can walk you through the main characteristics of each type of company before you decide to purchase an existing company in Luxembourg. 
If you want to verify an existing company before deciding to purchase it, our law firm in Luxembourg offers two different types of company verification: a regular verification and a detailed verification. We can also help with VAT registration services in Luxembourg.

Company verification procedure in Luxembourg

Regardless of the type of company verification you require, there are certain documents that will be absolutely necessary for the company verification procedure. Some of the most important documents that testify the financial situation of a company in Luxembourg are:
- the trade registry extract: it shows the company name, address, date of registration and details about its shareholders and directors;
- an official copy of the company’s articles of association;
- the most recent accounts of the company: they show the income and profit of the company.
Apart from these basic documents that reveal important details about the company, our experienced team of attorneys in Luxembourg can also perform a complete due diligence procedure. This is usually done before a merger and it includes:
- legal due diligence: a verification of the contracts concluded by the company and other business details;
- a financial audit: this procedure will provide all the needed financial information about the company.
Other aspects that may become the object of verification in Luxembourg are details about the company’s shareholders or directors in Luxembourg.
Our law firm in Luxembourg can offer you legal company verification. Please contact us for a personalized offer.