Transportation Law in Luxembourg

Transportation Law in Luxembourg

Updated on Friday 14th December 2018

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Transportation-Law-in-LuxembourgLuxembourg has a well-developed road and railway infrastructure which is correlated with the air transportation one. Road transportation in Luxembourg falls under the Highway Code and the 2002 Law on the establishment of carrier of travelers and goods by the road. Also, an as EU member state, Luxembourg has adopted all EU directives related to transportation regulations. Foreign citizens of EU countries have the right to use driving licenses issued in their home countries when driving in Luxembourg, provided that these are valid.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can also offer information on how to obtain a driver’s license in the Grand Duchy.

Road haulage in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Transportation Law provides mainly for commercial transportation which allows companies to carry both goods and passengers to various destinations.

 While within the boundaries of the EU, no special licenses are required, other than the professional driver’s license, the vehicle road worthiness certificate, when carrying goods outside the EU, a Luxembourg company must also apply for a ECMT license (a license issued by the European Conference of Ministers of Transport) released by the Department of Transportation in the Grand Duchy. The company must also obtain a transport permit which will allow the loading or unloading of merchandise.

Both types of licenses can be obtained if Luxembourg have signed bilateral treaties with the countries the goods are transported to or from.

Transportation of passengers in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg laws on the transportation of passengers have been amended during the last few years in order to provide for modern regulations and enhance the safety of both passengers and transportation vehicles.

The main law governing public transportation in Luxembourg is Law No. 32 of 1965, last amended in 2009. The legislation establishes that a company can provide public transportation services provided that it applies for authorization with the Minister of Transportation in the Grand Duchy. The company also has the obligation of hiring specialized personnel upon applying for the license.

For specific information on the licenses to be obtained when starting a transportation company in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to contact our law firm.