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Set Up a Transporting and Storage Company in Luxembourg

Set Up a Transporting and Storage Company in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is located in central Europe which gives the country a favorable position for acting as logistics center for countries around it. With a modern and developed infrastructure which comprises road, air and railwayLuxembourg offers various facilities to those who want to start a business in the logistics industry, such as a transportation and storage company.

The opening of a transporting and storage business in Luxembourg is subject to various laws and regulations imposed by the relevant authorities, depending on the means of transportation. Below, our Luxembourg lawyers explain the steps to open a transport and storage business in the Grand Duchy.

Company registration in Luxembourg

The opening of a company which offers transporting and storage services in Luxembourg implies choosing a business form and registering it with the Trade Register. This procedure is quite simple and can be completed by our law firm in Luxembourg.

Following that, the company must apply for the necessary licenses for transporting the goods and the storage instructions.

Transport of goods regulations in Luxembourg

Products intended for sale can be transported by land, air or by railway in LuxembourgThe transport regulations imposed to logistics companies depend on these means of transportation.

Land transport are subject to certain restrictions in certain days such as week-ends and national holidays. On the other hand, railway transport is simpler and subject to less restrictions. Air transport is also a good option for logistics companies in Luxembourg, considering the Grand Duchy has one of the largest cargo freight airports in Europe.

Storage regulations in Luxembourg

The storage of products transported by Luxembourg companies must also be done in accordance with specific regulations. Among these are:

  • –          environmental regulations;
  • –          waste management regulations;
  • –          packaging regulations.

Foreign investors who want to start transport and storage companies in Luxembourg must also have special warehouses where the goods can be kept. From this point of view, the authorities have inaugurated the Luxembourg Freeport, one of the greatest logistics hub in Europe.

For assistance in starting a transporting and storage business in the Grand Duchy, please contact our lawyers in Luxembourg.