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Set Up a Consulting Company in Luxembourg

Set Up a Consulting Company in Luxembourg

Set-up-a-consulting-company-in-LuxembourgLuxembourg offers a wide variety of opportunities when it comes to opening a company. If until a few years back the financial industry was the most important industry in Luxembourg, things have changed as the government decided to offer various advantages to those investing in industries like information technology and research and development. The results were quite fast, as the number of investors interested in setting up other types of businesses than financial-related ones has grown considerably. They have also led to the development of a new industry: the Luxembourg consulting sector.

If you want to open a consulting company in the Grand Duchy, our lawyers in Luxembourg can advise the company registration steps.

Why open a consulting company in Luxembourg?

Without a doubt the financial sector still remains a leader in terms of consulting services offered by Luxembourg companies. This is because of the talented workforce the Grand Duchy boasts. A workforce which is made up of both local and foreign individuals living here.

Among the surprises brought by the last two years, reports indicate a growth in the consulting services requested by those interested in investing in the digital and energy industries. This is because Luxembourg has amended several laws in order to create a friendly regime for those interested in setting businesses in these domains.

Company registration in the consulting industry in Luxembourg

An interesting fact about Luxembourg is that there is a great number of consulting companies offering a wide variety of services. These companies usually employ around 50 consultants, each with his or her own area of expertise. Even so, the market has not reached saturation yet, and those who want to open Luxembourg consulting businesses can focus their attention to industries like the above-mentioned energy, digital and research and development ones.

Offering consultancy services related to intellectual property matters is also a good idea for a consulting company in Luxembourg.

If you want to set up a consulting company, our Luxembourg lawyers can handle the registration procedure which implies preparing the documents, filing them with the Trade Register, opening the bank account and the tax registration steps. So, please feel free to contact us.