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Set Up a Company in the Construction Sector in Luxembourg

Set Up a Company in the Construction Sector in Luxembourg

The real estate industry is one of the most successful sectors of Luxembourg’s economy. The number of wealthy foreign individuals, as well as of foreign companies establishing their headquarters here is the main reason leading to the development of the residential and commercial real estate markets in equal measure. Many foreign enterprisers looking for other investment opportunities than the financial sector can bet on the Luxembourg construction sector, especially after the government has pledged its support for other industries apart from the financial one.

Foreign investors interested in opening a company in the construction industry and need information on the legislation related to this sector can obtain more information from our lawyers in Luxembourg.

Registering a construction company in Luxembourg

The first step to open a business in the construction industry in Luxembourg is to register a company with the Companies Register. One can choose between the limited liability company and the public company, however partnerships can also be employed when operating in the construction sector. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can assist with the drafting and filing of the documents with the Trade Register.

Following the company registration process, the Luxembourg construction company must obtain several licenses, among which the building permit.

Licenses for the construction industry in Luxembourg

The building license is the most important permit a Luxembourg company in the construction industry must obtain. It grants the company the right to build or modify an existing construction. The building permit is issued by the local authorities in the Luxembourg city where the construction will take place. In order to obtain it, the company must prepare a general development plan or a special development plan. Other licenses to be obtained when operating in the construction industry in Luxembourg are the excavation permit and the sewage connection license.

All construction companies in Luxembourg must also follow the provisions of the Environmental Law on the construction sites.

For full information on the regulations construction companies must comply with, please contact us. You can also rely on our Luxembourg lawyers for assistance with the company registration process.