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Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Luxembourg

Resolve Intellectual Property Disputes in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is known for its favorable intellectual property regime. Its legislation is also one of the main reasons why foreign investors are highly interested in opening intellectual property holding companies in the Grand Duchy. However, there are also situations in which disputes because of intellectual property arise nowadays. One of the main reasons is the development of the innovation industry which implies the registration of patents and industrial designs used by companies. Trademark infringements are also quite common these days which give room to more IP disputes.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer information on the intellectual property legal framework in the Grand Duchy.

Settling IP litigation in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most appreciated country when it comes to the resolution of disputes related to intellectual property rights. This is because the Grand Duchy is home to the European Court of Justice which hears cases not only from this country but from all over the EU. Therefore, one could say Luxembourg is a dispute resolution center over IP rights.

Luxembourg companies involved in intellectual property litigation can also choose local courts to settle their differences. The trial of an IP case is not any different from a commercial dispute, for example. It is recommended to seek legal advice and representation from a law firm in Luxembourg if involved in an IP litigation.

Other ways of settling intellectual property disputes in Luxembourg

Even if court litigation is always a way of resolving IP litigation, alternative dispute resolution methods are also popular in Luxembourg. Among these, arbitration and mediation are often employed especially by companies.

Arbitration and mediation are two of the cheapest ways of resolving intellectual property conflicts in Luxembourg because they imply swift procedures and the possibility of reaching an agreement compared to court procedures which are lengthy and costly.

If you are interested in registering a trademark and need information about the best ways to avoid IP conflicts you can set up an appointment with our attorneys in Luxembourg. You can also contact us if you want to set up an IP holding company in the Grand Duchy.