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Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Luxembourg

Open an Advertising and Marketing Company in Luxembourg

Foreign entrepreneurs interested in exploring various investment industries in Luxembourg can try the advertising sector which is one of the most promising today. Many large companies and investment funds in Luxembourg are in search of advertising and marketing companies which can promote their goods and services. Apart from this aspect, there are no special requirements for opening an advertising and marketing agency in Luxembourg.

Even if there are no special licenses for opening an advertising and marketing business, our lawyers in Luxembourg will advise on the regulations these companies must respect.

Registering an advertising business in Luxembourg

The company registration process for an advertising and marketing business is quite simple and implies a few steps which can be completed in a matter of days. Our law firm in Luxembourg can help with:

–          the preparation of the incorporation documents and their filing with the Trade Register;

  • –          registering with the tax authorities in Luxembourg – this step is mandatory no matter the activity of the company;
  • –          complying with the regulations related to placing billboards or other types of ads;
  • –          complying with the GDPR regulations – this is something marketing and advertising companies must be very careful with.

Under the new GDPR regulations, companies collecting personal information, which is also the case of advertising and marketing agencies in Luxembourg, must make several changes to their data protection policies. Our Luxembourg lawyers can advise on the new GDPR regulations.

What activities can a marketing agency undertake in Luxembourg?

There are several activities which can be carried out by advertising and marketing agencies in Luxembourg. Among these are:

  • –          the creation of advertising billboards and marketing strategies in accordance with the clients’ requests;
  • –          digital marketing and advertising strategies for traditional and online companies;
  • –          placement of billboards and advertising panels in special designated places;
  • –          consultancy services for other companies interested in marketing their services or products.

Advertising and marketing companies in Luxembourg with the Intellectual Property Law and the Regulations on Advertising Directed to Minors.

For assistance in setting up a marketing and advertising agency in the Grand Duchy, please contact us.