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Open a Travel Agency in Luxembourg

Open a Travel Agency in Luxembourg

Luxembourg represents a very appealing touristic destination which attracts thousands of visitors every year. With its magnificent castles and landscapes, Luxembourg is also a great destination for those who want to relax in mountain resorts. For others, Luxembourg represents an important business destination where they can open travel agencies.

The activities of travel agencies in Luxembourg are regulated by two laws: Law No.8 and Law No.11 of 2011. Below, our lawyers in Luxembourg explain the requirements related to starting a travel agency in the Grand Duchy.

Activating as a travel agent in Luxembourg

In order to open a travel agency in Luxembourg, an investor is required to register with the Trade Register, with the Joint Social Security Centre, and with the tax authorities. The types of structures under which a travel agency can operate are the limited liability company, the sole proprietorship or the partnership.

No matter the chosen business form, the person operating as a travel agent or tour operator is subject to specific requirements. Our law firm in Luxembourg can assist with the registration of the chosen company type.

How to become a travel agent in Luxembourg

Foreign entrepreneurs can operate as tour operators in Luxembourg as long as they have a residence permit. They must pay attention to the fact that these requirements apply differently to those who have resided in Luxembourg for less and 5 years and to those living here for more than 5 years.

The following documents must be prepared when applying for a business license with the purpose of becoming a travel agent in Luxembourg:

  • –          the diploma showing the applicant has graduated the courses for becoming a travel agent (it is issued by the House of Training within the Chamber of Commerce);
  • –          the insurance policy showing the applicant has a professional liability insurance;
  • –          the financial guarantee which comes in the form of a certificate issued by a bank, an insurance company or an insurance fund;
  • –          a copy of the residence permit, criminal record and a declaration of the applicant;
  • –          a lease contract or property deed of the premises where the travel agency will operate.

The travel agency must also register with the Association of Travel Agents or the Union of Travel Agencies.

For assistance in opening a travel agency in the Grand Duchy, please contact our Luxembourg lawyers.