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Open a Luxembourg Company for Rental and Leasing Activities

Open a Luxembourg Company for Rental and Leasing Activities

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in Luxembourg can explore the opportunities offered by the automobiles industry. One can register a business for selling auto vehicles or a truck company, however, there is also the rental and leasing segment which can be profitable.

Those who want to start a company for rental and leasing activities in Luxembourg must comply with a few regulations imposed by the Civil Code. These regulations can be explained by our lawyers in Luxembourg.

Requirements to start a car rental and leasing business in Luxembourg

One of the most important requirements before registering a company for rental and leasing activities in Luxembourg is planning. The business owner must decide on the exact type of services the company will provide and draft a business plan. Then, the chosen business structure can be registered with the Trade Register in Luxembourg.

It is also possible for the company to apply for a loan in order to buy the car fleet.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can help with the registration process of the car rental and leasing company.

Services offered by car rental and leasing companies in Luxembourg

Among the services offered by companies in the rental and leasing sector in Luxembourg are:

  • –          short and/or long-term automobiles rental services for locals and tourists;
  • –          rental services for special events, such as weddings and parties;
  • –          leasing services with the possibility of buying auto vehicles in Luxembourg;
  • –          special rental services for delivering various goods, such as moving household goods.

Luxembourg is also a great country where luxury car rental services can be offered.

Rental and leasing contracts in Luxembourg

In order to avoid any disputes with clients, car rental and leasing companies in Luxembourg are required to draft and sign contracts with customers under the provisions of the Contract Law. These contracts must be clear and must contain all the rights and obligations of both the services supplier and the client.

If you want to start a company for rental and leasing activities, our Luxembourg lawyers can advise on all the regulations to comply with. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help in registering the company with the Trade Register.