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Open a Company in Agriculture in Luxembourg

Open a Company in Agriculture in Luxembourg

Entrepreneurs interested in exploring various industries in Luxembourg can choose agriculture. With rich fields which can host a great and varied number of cultures, agriculture has a huge development potential for those who want to start this type of business in Luxembourg. Not only that, but agriculture has many branches which can be exploited in Luxembourg, among these cultivating fruits and vegetables, livestock farming, dairy farming, and forestry are just a few of them. Luxembourg is also known as a great wine producing country, therefore setting up a vineyard could be a good choice.

No matter the type of activity in the agriculture field one decides to carry out in Luxembourg, there are a few laws to follow. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can guide foreign investors through the legal requirements to set up a business in agriculture in the Grand Duchy.

Registering an agricultural business in Luxembourg

Opening a company in agriculture in Luxembourg implies registering one of the types of structures provided for in the Commercial Law. Among these, the limited liability company is a preferred business form by many local and foreign investors. Following that purchasing the land and registering with the Land Authority is the next step.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can assist foreign investors with the company registration procedure of an agricultural business.

Licenses for agricultural companies in Luxembourg

Apart from the business license, opening a company in agriculture in Luxembourg does not require many other licenses. The Luxembourg legislation provides for certain requisites related to the products used to treat the soil where the fruits or vegetables are cultivated or the conditions related to the raising of animals. Also, according to EU directives, the use of certain additives in the processing of the foodstuff must be notified to the Ministry of Agriculture which will authorize the use of these additives.

If the products to be sold by an agricultural company will be exported, an export license will be required.

For assistance in opening a company in the agriculture sector in Luxembourg, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also rely on our Luxembourg lawyers for assistance with the company registration procedure.