Luxembourg Investment Visa - Guide for Businessmen Relocating to Luxembourg

Residency by Investment in Luxembourg

Updated on Monday 28th February 2022

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Residency-by-Investment-in-LuxembourgThere are several ways through which foreign citizens can move to Luxembourg, and the best known are employment, family reunification and business. The Luxembourg investment visa enters the category of business immigration, and it addresses non-EU and non-EEA citizens interested in living in one of the most appealing countries in Europe from economic point of view.
Below, our lawyers explain the conditions associated with obtaining a Luxembourg residence permit by investment. Our law firm in Luxembourg is at your disposal with various immigration services.

Luxembourg residency by investment – conditions and requirements

Obtaining residency by investment in Luxembourg is a possibility for foreign citizens willing to inject capital in the country’s economy. There are several options for those who want to relocate here under this program, out of which the following 4 are often employed:
  • investing at least 500,000 EUR in a local company that already operates on the market;
  • investing a minimum of 500,000 EUR by registering a new company;
  • investing a minimum of 3 million EUR in an existing investment fund or by creating a such a vehicle;
  • investing at least 20 million EUR by setting up a deposit with a Luxembourg bank.
With respect to the last option, our lawyers in Luxembourg can assist with the creation of a bank account here.
An important aspect is for Luxembourg investor visa holders to commit to maintain their capital injection for a minimum of 5 years for some of the options presented above.

Steps to apply for a Luxembourg investment visa

Here are the main steps to complete if you are interested in obtaining a Luxembourg residence permit by investment:
  1. file an application for a temporary stay visa with the Immigration Directorate;
  2. apply for a D visa after obtaining the temporary visa to stay;
  3. register with the local municipality no later than 3 days from entering the country;
  4. taking the medical examination;
  5. filing for Luxembourg residency by investment.
The last application must be submitted with the Ministry or Economy or Finance, depending on the investment choice.
You can rely on our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg for guidance during the entire procedure. It can take around 4 to 5 months to obtain residency by investment in Luxembourg.

Useful things to consider with respect to the program

Foreign nationals who are interested in the Luxembourg investment visa should note the that if they come from other EU countries, they no longer need to apply for a visa for the Grand Duchy. They can use their EU residence permits, as long as these are valid.
More importantly, those who want to invest in existing Luxembourg companies or start new enterprises must address the Ministry of Economy. Those seeking to invest 3 or 20 million EUR must file their applications with the Ministry of Finance that will analyze their requests.
Feel free to contact our Luxembourg law firm for assistance in preparing your application in accordance with your investment choice.

Benefits of obtaining residency by investment in Luxembourg

One of the most important benefits of obtaining a Luxembourg residence permit by investment is the possibility of immigrating with the spouse and minor children who qualify as dependents. Parents can also be brought to the Grand Duchy and qualify for permanent residency after living here for 12 months.
The Luxembourg investment visa comes with a permanent residence permit after 5 years. Citizenship can be obtained after living here for another 5 years.
If you are interested in entering the Luxembourg residency by investment scheme and need support, contact our lawyers for support. We are also at your service if you want to move here by applying for other types of residence permits.