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Listing on the Stock Exchange in Luxembourg

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Bourse de Luxembourg – LuxSE) was created in 1927 and it specializes primarily in the listing of international bonds. The Luxembourg Stock Exchange has two markets: the Regulated Market and the Euro MTF.

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How to list on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange operates two markets: the Luxembourg Regulated Market that offers simplified access to other European Regulated Markets and the Euro MTF that was launched as an alternative to the first market. It has a fast admission procedure and it is subject to less rigorous disclosure requirements and it has a flexible listing platform.

There are a few steps to be observed by companies that wish to list on one of the LuxSE markets: planning, preparation of the necessary documentation, application and file submission, listing and admission to trading as well as on-going obligations after the listing. 

Listing requirements for the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

In order to be able to list and be admitted to trading on one of the markets, each issuer needs to publish a prospectus that must be approved by competent authorities. After the prospectus is approved, admission on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is possible.

According to law, there are three prospectus regimes. According to the type of regime, the prospectus can be approved by the CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) or by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

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Listing fees for the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

There are three types of fees for the Luxembourg Stock Exchange: visa, admission and maintenance fees. The fee structure covers the following types of bond issues: straight bonds and convertible bonds, multi-tranche bonds, debt securities programs, bonds with warrants.

Maintenance fees vary and there are also CSSF fees to be paid when listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

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