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Immigrate to Luxembourg from South Africa

Immigrate to Luxembourg from South Africa

Many foreign citizens from EU and non-EU countries are interested in coming to Luxembourg for work or business purposes. The stable economy and the numerous possibilities for all categories of immigrants make Luxembourg an attractive destination. However, depending on the country of residence of the person moving here, various visa requirements apply.

Citizens who want to relocate to Luxembourg from South Africa must comply with the regulations available for non-EU citizens and have several types of visas they can apply for.

Below, our lawyers in Luxembourg explain the main steps to complete when immigrating here from South Africa.

Visas for those entering Luxembourg from South Africa

Persons who want to immigrate to Luxembourg from South Africa have several types of visas they can apply for. These are usually divided into short-term and long-term permit, however, only the last category will enable one to apply for permanent residence in Luxembourg.

The following visas are available for South African citizens moving to Luxembourg:

  1. the work permit which is issued upon signing a work contract with a Luxembourg company;
  2. the business visa which is a short-term visa issued to those coming to Luxembourg for business purposes,
  3. the long-term residence permit which is issued to those seeking to stay more than 90 days in Luxembourg,
  4. EU visas obtain in other member states can be used in Luxembourg without having to apply for other ones.

It is common for South African to enter Luxembourg based on visas and residence permit issued in other EU countries, case in which they do not need to complete other formalities.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can assist those who are first-time visa applicants.

How to obtain a short-term residence permit in Luxembourg

Those who move to Luxembourgfrom South Africa with the intention of staying less than 3 months must apply for short-term visas which can be obtained from the Luxembourg Embassy in South Africa. The documents required for such a visa imply the valid passport, information on the purpose of the visit, a flight ticket and proof of accommodation. Also, once they arrive in Luxembourg, they must obtain an arrival certificate issued by the local administration. The certificate must be obtained in no more than 3 days after entering the country.

For stays of more than 3 months, a short-term residence permit must be obtained.

Our Luxembourg lawyers can offer the necessary support in applying for a short-term residence permit. We can also help citizens of other countries, such as the United States if they want to relocate to the Grand Duchy.

The residence work permit for South African citizens in Luxembourg

Employment is one of the easiest ways of immigrating to Luxembourg from South Africa, as based on an employment offer, a citizen of this country can come to the Grand Duchy based on the work permit which can be used as a residence permit. However, it must be noted that a labor contract must be signed prior to entering Luxembourg. South African citizens who have family members living in Luxembourg based on EU resident cards can apply for family reunification visas and join them in the Grand Duchy.

Our lawyers can offer detailed information on the employment regulations and conditions of working in Luxembourg as a foreign citizen.

Also, if you want to relocate to Luxembourg from the UK now that Brexit has completed, you can rely on our specialists for support.

Obtaining Luxembourg citizenship as a South African citizen

Those who immigrate to Luxembourg from South Africa can apply for citizenship if they want to establish themselves here. For this, they must meet a few requirements, among which:

  • they must be 18 at the time of the application,
  • they must have lived in Luxembourg for at least 18 years,
  • it is also possible to obtain Luxembourg citizenship by marriage after 5 years of living here.

Other requirements imply the applicants to be fluent in French, German and Luxembourgish and to renounce their South African citizenship.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer more information on citizenship requirements. All visa applications are handled by the Immigration Directorate.

Why immigrate to Luxembourg from South Africa

Luxembourg has strong economic relations with South Africa, as this is one of the most developed countries on the African continent.  It also has qualified workforce from which Luxembourg can benefit by hiring highly skilled migrants.

If you want to move to Luxembourg from South Africa and need guidance, you can rely on us. Contact us for detailed information on how to relocate to Luxembourg from South Africa.