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Employee/Personnel Relocation to Luxembourg

Employee/Personnel Relocation to Luxembourg

Employee relocation to Luxembourg is possible through several types of visas. Among them are the regular work permits, however, dedicated intra-company transfer visas can also be obtained, based on specific criteria.

If you are interested in personnel relocation to Luxembourg and need support, our law firm is at your disposal. Our Luxembourg lawyers can assist in applying for the types of visas that enable you to move your employees from one to another.

Types of visas for employee relocation to Luxembourg

There are several types of work visas under which personnel relocation can be completed in Luxembourg. The main aspect to consider is that such permits are available for non-EU employees of foreign companies with operations in and outside of EU member states.

As an EU country itself, Luxembourg provided for both national regulations and EU Directives that allow for intra-company transfers. Here are the main options a business has:

  1. the intra-company transfer visa (ICT) card;
  2. the ICT Mobility card;
  3. the regular work visa.

These visas are issued in accordance with the duration of stay of the employee. Also, an important procedure before employee relocation to Luxembourg is for the company located in the Grand Duchy to apply for a temporary authorization to stay on behalf of the foreign worker(s) until the residence card is issued.

Feel free to address our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg on details concerning intra-company transfers.

Personnel relocation to Luxembourg – what does it mean to be a transferred employee

Foreign companies may transfer salaried employees with a permanent employment contract for a specific period. Among the personnel that can be transferred within the same company with different locations are managers and directors, experts in their field, but also trainees.

The salaried employee must meet the following requirements in order to be considered a transferred worker:

  • have a labor contract in place with the company transferring them;
  • sign a new employment agreement or transfer agreement with the receiving company for a specific job and for a certain period.

Employee relocation to Luxembourg falls mainly on the transferring company, which is why we invite you to discuss such aspects with our labor lawyers in the Grand Duchy.

Intra-company transfer procedure in Luxembourg

Personnel relocation to Luxembourg for EU citizens and EU residence permit holders implies registering with the local authorities in the commune the company is located within 8 days from arrival.

For employees with non-EU nationalities, the Luxembourg company must file an application and a motivation letter to the Immigration Directorate.

The application must include:

  • the duration, postal address, employer’s name and business name, and name of the corporation;
  • the employee’s valid passport;
  • a recent clean criminal record;
  • an updated resume;
  • a social security registration document issued in the nation of origin or the country where the employee works;
  • a copy of the permanent employment contract;
  • a copy of the employment contract or transfer agreement between the receiving company and the transferred employee that specifies the duration of the transfer.

Feel free to address our lawyers if you are interested in immigration to Luxembourg through other means.

Validity of intra-company transfer cards in Luxembourg

Here are the main aspects to consider when it comes to employee relocation to Luxembourg and the time they can work for local companies:

  • intra-company transfer cards can be issued for periods of less than 3 months and more than 3 months;
  • the minimum validity of the permit is one year;
  • the maximum validity period is 3 years;
  • for trainees, the maximum validity of such a visa is one year.

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