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Create a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Luxembourg

Create a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has one of the most performant healthcare systems in Europe and its citizens have one of the greatest quality of life and life expectancies on the continent. Starting a business in the Luxembourg healthcare industry offers many investment opportunities, as the country has a well-established legislation related to this sector and even more, foreign doctors can have their diplomas equalized to the ones issued by the Ministry of Health in the Grand Duchy. However, the healthcare sector is not comprised only of those seeking to practice medicine, but also by the research and development industry which enables engineers to create advanced medical equipment.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer more information on the investment possibilities available in the healthcare industry in the Grand Duchy.

Types of businesses to be set up in the Luxembourg healthcare sector

The Luxembourg government supports all foreign investors coming to open companies in various industries in the country. One of the most significant industries is healthcare which covers a great number of activities. Among these are:

  • –          the traditional medical one;
  • –          the pharmaceutical one which covers both the production and sale of medicines;
  • –          the research and development one which also benefits from a great number of subsidies from the government;
  • –          the cosmetics ones;
  • –          the relaxation (massage and various therapies) ones.

Once the domain has been established, the investor must only register the company and apply for the necessary licenses to start operating.

Registering the healthcare business in Luxembourg

Foreign investors setting up a company in the healthcare sector in Luxembourg can choose the following types of business forms for registration: sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and even partnerships. Our Luxembourg attorneys can help with the registration of any type of these structures.

Following the company registration, the Luxembourg healthcare facility must also obtain various practice licenses issued by the Ministry of Health. Also, doctors and other practitioners must have certain qualifications in order to be allowed to work in Luxembourg.

For assistance in starting a business in the healthcare industry, please contact our Luxembourg lawyers.