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Create a Company in the Energy Sector in Luxembourg

Create a Company in the Energy Sector in Luxembourg

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in Luxembourg are invited to explore new possibilities in industries like research and innovation, construction and even the energy industry which now benefit from various incentives offered by the government.

When it comes to the energy sectorLuxembourg offers one of the most modern laws in Europe as the authorities have amended the Energy Law in order to offer investment opportunities for investors, as well as a more efficient energy consumption to Luxembourg’s population.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer information on the Energy Law.

Registration of companies in the energy industry in Luxembourg

In order to set up a company in the energy industry in Luxembourg, a local or a foreign investor must first prepare a set of documents necessary to register the company with the Trade Register. Among these documents are the memorandum and articles of association and specific paperwork showing the energy efficiency class based on the services provided. The energy efficiency class was recently introduced in the Energy Law in Luxembourg as an obligation of enabling a system based on energy savings.

The energy industry in Luxembourg is made of companies supplying the following services:

  • –          electricity;
  • –          water;
  • –          heating and cooling;
  • –          transportation.

The transportation services refer to companies which provide the systems and the maintenance of the systems through which the energy is supplied to private and commercial consumers. 

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Governmental programs for the energy industry in Luxembourg

In order to start a business in the energy industry in Luxembourg, all companies no matter the services they offer must obtain the authorization by applying for the relevant licenses with the Energy Authority in the country.

As the renewable energy sector is winning over the traditional one in Luxembourg, the government has also enabled several programs and incentives through which it supports the former. Among these incentives, we remind:

  • –          subsidies;
  • –          special tariffs for those using energy-saving systems;
  • –          tax benefits for small companies supplying renewable energy.

For full information on the benefits available for companies operating in the energy sector, please contact our law firm in Luxembourg.