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Open a Software Company in Luxembourg

Open a Software Company in Luxembourg

During the past few years, Luxembourg has become an important information and communications technology (ICT) center in Europe as many foreign investors and companies have established businesses, respectively branch offices and subsidiaries here. One of the successful sectors of the IT industry in Luxembourg is software.

Foreign investors who want to start a business in Luxemburg can create software companies in accordance with the legislation which favors such activities. Our Luxembourg lawyers can explain what these laws are.

Types of companies which can be set up in the Luxembourg software sector

Luxembourg is very versatile when it comes to the types of companies which can be established here, especially if the business is a software one. The sole proprietorship is best suited to small enterprisers who want to create and sell software and applications.

On the other hand, the limited liability company is the preferred option for local and foreign enterprisers who want to create a Luxembourg software business which offers other services apart from the creation of applications and computer programs.

Foreign investors who want to establish software companies in Luxembourg must respect the requirements set out in the Data Protection Law, the Intellectual Property Law, E-commerce Act and several other laws related to the IT industry.

Activities undertaken by software companies in Luxembourg

Setting up a software business in Luxembourg is not restricted to the creation of programs alone, as these companies offer additional services. As a top ICT centerLuxembourg is known for the following activities:

  • –          creation and selling of digital content;
  • –          creation of payment solutions;
  • –          maintenance of programs and applications;
  • –          creation of online sales platforms;
  • –          archiving and management solutions;
  • –          helpdesk solutions;
  • –          communication services;
  • –          cloud services.

Luxembourg software companies have also brought their contribution to the development of the fintech sector in the Grand Duchy which has transformed the country into one of the most appreciated fintech hubs in the world.

If you want to open a software company and need assistance with the registration process, please contact our law firm in Luxembourg