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Open a Company for Manufacture of Beverages in Luxembourg

Open a Company for Manufacture of Beverages in Luxembourg

Like any other country in the world, Luxembourg relies on the manufacturing industry which covers a great part of the population’s needs when it comes to purchasing primary goods such as foods and beverages. This is also one of the reasons why the fast-moving consumer goods, shortly known as FMCG products, is one of the most prolific economies sectors in Luxembourg.

Investors can set up various types of businesses in the manufacturing industry in the Grand Duchy, two of the most profitable ones being food and beverages manufacturing companies. Our law firm in Luxembourg can guide you through the registration process of such type of company.

What are the most consumed beverages in Luxembourg?

In order to have a successful beverages company in Luxembourgforeign investors are advised to first research the market they want to enter. From this point of view, one should know that the Luxembourg beverage manufacturing sector relies on the production of:

  • –          liquors;
  • –          wine;
  • –          mineral and natural water;
  • –          beer;
  • –          apple juice.

With respect to the wine industry, it should be noted that Luxembourg has some of the best vineyards in Europe, wine and grape producers here being very appreciated. Another special category of the beverage manufacturing industry is the so-called “eaux-de-vie”, which is a brandy made of plants.

Registration and licensing of a company for the manufacture of beverages in Luxembourg

The registration process of a beverage manufacturing business is the same as the incorporation of a food products manufacturing company. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can assist with this procedure.

Following the formation of the company, the owner must apply for the necessary licenses which will allow them to start their activities. The company must also take into account the EU regulations related to the bottling and labeling of the beverages which stipulate that:

  • –          the bottle must contain the name and country of origin of the company;
  • –          the storage instructions, where applicable;
  • –          the date of expiry;
  • –          other information in the language of the country where the beverage will be exported.

For full information on how to set up a company for the manufacture of beverages, please contact us. Our Luxembourg lawyers will also help with the registration process of the company.