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Open a Catering Company in Luxembourg

Open a Catering Company in Luxembourg

Investors who want to start a business in the food sector have various choices. From restaurants to catering companies or even small shops in which they can sell agricultural products, the Luxembourg food industry is doing quite well. However, the easiest and cheapest way to create a company in this industry is by opening a catering business in Luxembourg.

Entrepreneurs interested in starting catering company in Luxembourg must comply with the Food Law. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can offer information on the Food Law and the European legislation in this industry, as catering companies here must also comply with EU directives related to the processing, storage and sale of food products.

Registering a catering business in Luxembourg

The first step to set up a catering company in Luxembourg is to choose a location for the business. It should be noted that the Luxembourg legislation does not allow for the business owner to choose an address as a registered seat of the company and operate the catering business from another place.

Then the Luxembourg food establishment must register with the Food Safety Unit in the city it will operate.

Our law firm in Luxembourg can guide foreign investors who want to create catering companies in the Grand Duchy through the legal requirements.

Special provisions for Luxembourg catering companies

The registration of a catering company in Luxembourg with the Food Safety Unit is the most important part of starting this type of business here. The business owner, whether it is a company or a sole trader, must state the name of the company and the place where the food will be prepared to the Food Safety Unit. The company must also appoint an officer who will be in charge with ensuring the place respects the food legislation.

All catering companies in Luxembourg must comply with the labeling requirements imposed by the local and EU laws. Also, a hygiene system must be put in place by catering companies in Luxembourg. This system depends on how large the business is.

If you are interested in starting a catering business in Luxembourg, our local lawyers can help with the company registration procedure. Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance or if you have any questions.