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Obtaining a Visa for Luxembourg

Obtaining a Visa for Luxembourg

Foreign individuals must obtain a visa for Luxembourg for short or long-term stays in the country. Citizens from the European Union member states are exempt from requiring a visa to enter the country. However, they must declare their intentions to stay more than three months.

Nationals from certain countries will need to obtain a visa in order to enter Luxembourg. If a third country national has a residence permit as a family member of an EU citizen or a residence permit issued by another EU member state, a visa is not required to enter Luxembourg.

Types of visas in Luxembourg

There are two types of visas available in Luxembourg, for short visits and for long-term visits. Depending on the purpose of their travel, foreign citizens will choose the appropriate type of visa and make the necessary document submissions.

Short term visas are valid for maximum three months and they can be issued for one or multiple entries in the country, provided that the visits do not exceed the said three month period. This type of visa is generally used by tourists or those who plan family visits, short business trips, participation in conferences, in order to participate in a board of director’s meeting for a Luxembourg company and others.

Long term visas in Luxembourg are issued for visits exceeding three months and they are usually requested by those who want to work in Luxembourg or those who want to join a family member who is an EU citizen.

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Visa applications in Luxembourg

The documents required for a visa application in Luxembourg are the following:

– the application form, completed and signed by the applicant;

– two passport photographs;

– proof of the purpose of the visit;

– financial proof that the individual can sustain himself during the stay;

– letter from the employer (if applicable).

The application fee for visas in Luxembourg is payable in cash when the application is submitted. The fee is non-refundable. Foreign individuals can apply for a visa at the embassy of Luxembourg in their country of origin.

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