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Immigrate to Luxembourg from UK

Immigrate to Luxembourg from UK

Luxembourg is a very appealing jurisdiction for those who want to start a business, however, it is also quite offering for those seeking employment, especially in the case of highly skilled migrants, such as British citizens.

The process in case you want to immigrate to Luxembourg from UK is not complicated, however, with the final steps of Brexit quickly approaching, it is important to pay attention to the new procedures about to be implemented starting with 2021.

If you plan to move to Luxembourg from UK, we recommend you discuss the procedures to complete with our local lawyers. You can also rely on our law firm in Luxembourg for information on how to set up a business here.

Entry requirements for UK citizens in Luxembourg

Until the end of December 2020, there are no special entry requirements for British citizens in Luxembourg, or in other words, these do not need to apply for a visa when travelling to the Grand Duchy for a period of no more than 3 months. This requirement is likely to remain after January 1st of 2021, if British citizens plan to stay in any Schengen country such as Luxembourg for no more than 90 days in a total period of 180 days.

All one will need is a valid passport. Our law firm in Luxembourg can provide all necessary details in respect to the immigration rules applicable in this country.

If you want to immigrate to Luxembourg, our lawyers are at your service.

Long-terms residency for UK citizens moving to Luxembourg

British citizens who are already temporary or permanent residents of Luxembourg need to register with the local authorities in the Grand Duchy in order to retain their visas. For those who plan to move to Luxembourg from UK in 2021, a visa will be required.

The visa can be requested for the following reasons:

  1. for study – for which a temporary residence permit will need to be obtained;
  2. for employment – case in which a work contract with a Luxembourg company is necessary;
  3. for self-employment – case in which the applicant needs to register with relevant authorities in the area he/she will work;
  4. for business – one of the most advantageous ways of immigrating to Luxembourg by starting a company.

You can rely on our Luxembourg lawyers if you want to relocate here by starting a business. We can handle the entire company registration procedure based on a power of attorney. As a shareholder or director in the company you will be able to obtain for a residence permit.

If you want to relocate to Luxembourg from the UK, you can ask for support from our law firm.

How to choose the best immigration way to Luxembourg

When immigrating to Luxembourg from UK, there are multiple choices, however, the decision should be based on the qualifications of the applicant. Usually, it is easier for those who already have a family member in Luxembourg and move with him/her. Also, marriage is another way of immigrating to Luxembourg from UK, however, in this case, the British citizen must be able to support him/herself or must be supported by the resident spouse.

Employment and business remain the most appealing ways for British citizens to immigrate to Luxembourg as these imply financial independence and an above to average income in the case of employees of Luxembourg companies.

Our Luxembourg lawyers can offer the necessary support in choosing a way of relocating here from the United Kingdom.

Documents to prepare when moving to Luxembourg from UK

Generally speaking, the documents to prepare when immigrating to Luxembourg from UK depend on the relocation reason, and among these, we mention the following:

  • the valid passport and photographs;
  • an admittance letter from an education facility in the case of students;
  • the employment contract or job offer in the case of employees;
  • documents that attest to the registration of a business in the case of investors.

Depending on whether other conditions apply, additional documents could be required. All documents are processed by the Luxembourg Immigration Department.

Also, once entered the country, the successful applicant will need to register with the local municipality. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Luxembourg.

The British expat community in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the most appealing destinations for foreign citizens, including American passport holders, thanks to being a member of the EU and Schengen areas. This is why, the number of UK citizens living here is not a small one.

The latest statistics indicate that:

  • the British have the 7th largest expat communities in Luxembourg;
  • in May 2019, there were 7,148 UK citizens living in Luxembourg;
  • out of these, 5,786 were British citizens living here based on residency;
  • the 1,382 citizens were both citizens of UK and Luxembourg.

If you want to relocate to Luxembourg from the United Kingdom and need guidance, do not hesitate to contact our local law firm.