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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How can you open a business in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is an attractive business location that offers straightforward procedures for company formation. Investors need to choose the company type and follow the procedures for company incorporation

What are the basic legal requirements for foreign investors in Luxembourg?

Foreign investors have the same rights regarding entrepreneurship as nationals. These requirements include a minimum share capital, observing the intellectual property protection laws and the corporate law in the country. Foreign investments are highly encouraged in Luxembourg and certain advantages and incentives can be available.

Do you need special permits or licenses in Luxembourg?

Yes. Companies, especially those involved in trading in Luxembourg will need to obtain special permits and licenses. Our lawyers in Luxembourg can help you obtain them.

How can a company be liquidated in Luxembourg?

When companies need to terminate their activities, the dissolution and liquidation stages are mandatory steps. The company needs to be de-registered and liquidate its assets.

How can you purchase a property in Luxembourg?

Through a real estate sale-purchase agreement foreign investors can make sure that the transaction is legitimate. If you need additional help, a real estate due diligence procedure might be useful for you.

Do you need a visa to enter Luxembourg?

Yes. However this visa requirement only applies to citizens outside of the European Union, as Luxembourg is a member of the EU.

Can you obtain a residence permit in Luxembourg?

Yes. A residence permit is mandatory for anyone who wants to stay in the country for more than three months. Our lawyers can help those who want to obtain citizenship.

What are the requirements regarding employment in Luxembourg?

The employment law is the main legislative document governing employment relationships in the country. The employer must provide suitable work conditions and certain benefits for the employee.

Are there any special requirements for marriage and/or divorce in Luxembourg? 

Foreigners can get married in Luxembourg and our lawyers can help you if you are going through a divorce. We can also help with various civil law matters.

How are individuals and companies taxed in Luxembourg?

personal income tax and a corporate income tax apply in Luxembourg. Individuals and companies alike must observe the requirements for annual filing and auditing. Tax minimization is possible with the help of a professional.

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