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Create a Food Manufacturing Company in Luxembourg

Create a Food Manufacturing Company in Luxembourg

Create-company-for-the-manufacture-of-food-products-in-LuxembourgForeign investors can set up businesses in various industries in Luxembourg. For those seeking to open companies in less explored economic sectors, a good idea would be the invest in the agriculture industry which has many branches. While some can open restaurants, others could explore the manufacturing segment of this industry. Among the specialties a Luxembourg food manufacturer can process are dairy and meat products. However, the food manufacturing sector is far more developed and Luxemburg companies can innovate and start producing other products as well.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can inform you about the legislation you need to comply with if you want to set up a business in the food manufacturing sector.

Register a company – the first step to manufacture foodstuff in Luxembourg

The Commercial Law provides for the main steps related to opening a company in Luxembourg. From the requirements to comply with and up to the filing the documents with the Trade Register, our law firm in Luxembourg can help you register a company for manufacture of food products.

Registering a food manufacturing business with the Luxembourg Food Safety Unit

Once the Luxembourg company is registered with the Trade Register, the following step is to be taken into evidence by Ministry of Health through the Food Safety Unit in the city where the food processing company will operate. In order to do that a set of documents must be applied with the authority, among which:

  • –          details about the company;
  • –          information about the labels and packaging of the products;
  • –          information about the validity of the products.

Also, certain hygiene requirements must be complied with at the location where the foodstuff will be manufactured.

Special licenses for manufacturing food products in Luxembourg

Food manufacturing businesses in Luxembourg must obtain various licenses and permits depending on the products they will process. These licenses are issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection and by the Organization for Food Safety and Quality.

For full information on the requirements to manufacture food in Luxembourg, please feel free to contact us. Our Luxembourg lawyers can also handle the company registration procedure.