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Citizenship in Luxembourg

Citizenship in Luxembourg

Moving to Luxembourg on an indefinite term comes with many benefits, among which access to becoming a citizen of this country. For this purpose, however, there are various requirements. Citizenship in Luxembourg is not hard to gain, as there are several pathways available, so that people from other countries can find the most suitable option for them. By far, naturalization is the safest. So, if you want to become a citizen of the Grand Duchy, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers in Luxembourg who will be glad to assist you.

 Quick Facts  
 Requirements for citizenship by naturalization Living in Luxembourg based on a permanent residence permit for a determined period 

 Availability for citizenship by descent (YES/NO)

 Yes, citizenship by descent is available for those whose parents are citizens of Luxembourg.

 Availability for citizenship by marriage (YES/NO)

 Yes, there is also the possibility to obtain citizenship by marriage.

 Possibility to obtain Luxembourg citizenship by investment (YES/NO)  Yes, this is an option for foreign investors, however, it is based on naturalization.
 Conditions to obtain citizenship by naturalization

– people who lived in Luxembourg for at least 5 years based on permanent residency, 

– people who lived in Luxembourg for a minimum 20 years,

– people who completed a minimum of 7 years of education in Luxembourg,

– people who moved to Luxembourg before the age of 18, people who have a child born in Luxembourg

Conditions to obtain citizenship by marriage 

 Having been married for 3 years to a Luxembourg citizen

 Duration to obtain citizenship by investment

 5 years

 Access to citizenship under special conditions (if any)

Yes, for:

– stateless people,

– refugees,

– volunteers in the Luxembourg army 

 Documents to obtain citizenship by naturalization

– birth certificate,

– personal information of the applicant,

– clean criminal record

 Language requirements  Yes, applicants must have good knowledge of one of the 3 official languages spoken in Luxembourg: French, German, or Luxembourgish.
 Timeframe for obtaining Luxembourg citizenship – from the application (approx.)

Approx. 7 days 

 Visa-free access based on a Luxembourg passport

 In about 150 countries

 Benefits of permanent relocation to Luxembourg

– great living conditions,

– good business and employment opportunities,

– holding one of the strongest passports in the world

 Fastest ways to secure citizenship

Descent and marriage 

 Support in obtaining citizenship in Luxembourg (YES/NO)  Yes, our lawyers in Luxembourg offer support in obtaining citizenship in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg’s citizenship requirements

Briefly, to become eligible for citizenship in Luxembourg, one must live here for a minimum period of 5 years, according to new regulations established in 2017. In practice, the conditions to meet are several, and so are the routes through which a foreign citizen can become a Luxembourg national. During this time, one must have been a legal resident here.

There are several ways through which one can acquire a Luxembourg passport in 2024, and here the most popular:

  • Luxembourg citizenship by naturalization, which is by far the most employed;
  • Luxembourg citizenship by descent which applies to those who have ancestors here;
  • citizenship by marriage is another option for those who marry Luxembourg nationals;
  • investment can also lead to a Luxembourg passport through naturalization.

For details on all the options, our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg are at your disposal.

It is worth noting that are 10 cases under which a foreign citizen can acquire citizenship in Luxembourg in 2024.

The main ways to obtain citizenship in the Grand Duchy

Based on Luxembourg’s citizenship requirements, here are the 10 possible scenarios to obtain a passport:

  • the case of adults who have a parent or grandparent who is/was a national of this country, Luxembourg citizenship by descent is the most secure option;
  • the case of adults who have a minor child born in Luxembourg;
  • citizenship by marriage is one of the most common ways to a Luxembourg passport;
  • foreign citizens who were born in Luxembourg and are more than 12 years old;
  • foreigners who have completed at least 7 years enrolled in all types of education forms in the Grand Duchy;
  • foreigners who have lived in Luxembourg for 20 years;
  • people who have settled here before reaching the age of 18;
  • stateless people, refugees, people who benefit from subsidiary protection and volunteer soldiers.

With so many options, no matter the country is one of the most sought for relocation by people from other states.

Another good news is stat starting with 2008, the legislators also introduced the principle of Luxembourg dual citizenship, so foreigners no longer have to give up their current nationality. However, one must also check in his/her home country if it is possible to retain the first passport.

How to apply for citizenship by marriage in Luxembourg

If you marry a Luxembourgish national, you must have passed the Living Together in Luxembourg course or test as well as the Luxembourgish language test. If you were not a resident of Luxembourg at the time of your marriage, you must wait 3 years before applying for nationality. However, this requirement does not apply if you are married to a citizen of Luxembourg who is residing abroad as a result of holding a position with a public authority or an international organization in Luxembourg.

If you need support in obtaining citizenship, our lawyers in Luxembourg are at your disposal with complete relocation solutions. We offer tailored support in immigration to Luxembourg.

Here is also an infographic on this subject:


Conditions to obtain Luxembourg citizenship through naturalization

For minor children, if they were born in Luxembourg and are at least 12 years old, parents can apply for them to become citizens of the Grand Duchy. Those born after July 1st, 2013 and who had lived legally in Luxembourg for at least 5 years before applying, and if one of the non-Luxembourgish parents or adoptive parents had lived there legally for at least 12 months prior to the child’s birth will grant automatic right to citizenship to the respective child.

Adults who have completed 7 years of education in Luxembourg in a public or private institution that follows the country’s public curriculum are eligible to apply for nationality, provided they have resided in Luxembourg for the 12 months prior to the application.

Adults who have been resident in Luxembourg for at least 20 years and who enroll in a 24-hour minimum Luxembourgish language course will also be able to apply for citizenship quite easy.

We remind foreigners that they can also benefit from dual citizenship in Luxembourg, so people interested in this option can rely on our lawyers for support in applying for a passport for the Grand Duchy. We can also verify if dual nationality is available in one country of origin.

Other requirements to be met when applying for Luxembourg nationality

The principle of integrity is one of the most important requirements when it comes to applying for citizenship in Luxembourg. This condition states that a person must be honest and upstanding before becoming a long-term resident or citizen of Luxembourg. The application for naturalization is rejected if the applicant lied on the application or skipped to provide information, or if they were previously convicted of a crime or imprisoned for a year or longer within the previous 15 years in Luxembourg or another country.

The language evaluation test is also a must for those applying for naturalization in Luxembourg. The applicant must pass both the language test and the “Living Together in Luxembourg” certification in order to become a citizen of this country.

Our lawyers in Luxembourg are at the service of foreign citizens who want to move here.

We are at your disposal with complete immigration services in Luxembourg.

The process of obtaining Luxembourg citizenship in 2024

Here are Luxembourg’s citizenship requirements in terms of steps to complete:

  • one must file the application file with the civil register in the city one lives;
  • the documents are processed and sent to the Ministry of Justice;
  • the Ministry can accept of reject the declaration of citizenship.

Here are the documents to draft no matter if one applies for Luxembourg citizenship by descent or by any other means in 2024:

  • copy of one’s birth certificate;
  • information about the applicant;
  • clean criminal record issued locally or in one’s home country (in this case, the document must be translated into French, German or Luxembourgish).

How to ensure a successful application

To apply for naturalization, one must contact the Civil Registrar of the commune where the applicant resides most frequently.  The applicant or their authorized agent must sign the naturalization application. Our lawyers can provide fiduciary services and represent you in front of the Luxembourg authorities.

The officer of the Register will record the naturalization application if all legal requirements are satisfied, and all required paperwork is included. The file will then be promptly and directly sent to the Ministry of Justice.

The applicant must submit the appropriate document together with a translation into one of French, German, English, or Luxembourgish if it was not issued in one of those 4 languages. A sworn translator or a foreign public authority must translate the document. Here is also our video on this subject:

Why apply for citizenship in Luxembourg

Obtaining citizenship in Luxembourg in 2024 is simple if you meet the prerequisites. Also, the country is known for both political stability and safety. From a citizens’ point of view, the Grand Duhcy is one of the happiest nations in the world. Moreover, in addition to being the most important hubs for investment management in Europe, Luxembourg is home to numerous significant EU institutions. It is a very business-friendly state with a stable economy and modern infrastructure.

Being a citizen of Luxembourg provides several advantages because it is a part of the European Union. This means that once you get Luxembourg nationality you become an EU citizen that comes with additonal rights, including the chance to live, work, study, and retire anywhere in the EU.

Dual citizenship in Luxembourg

One can obtain Luxembourg nationality without giving up his/her original nationality as of January 1th, 2009. The concept of dual citizenship by option applies to:

  • an individual whose parent or adoptive parent is or was a Luxembourgish citizen;
  • an individual whose grandparent is or was a Luxembourgish citizen provided that citizenship was not passed on to their parent.

Most importantly, this single-step process requires a personal visit to Luxembourg. It is also possible to obtain a Luxembourg passport if you have a deceased parent or grandparent who could have applied to have their Luxembourg citizenship recognized through the Article 7 in the Nationality Law if they had been alive.

Feel free to contact our law firm if you want to apply for citizenship. We are also at your service should you need more information on Luxembourg dual citizenship and if it applies in your home country.