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Law Firm in Luxembourg

Our law firm in Luxembourg offers legal advice, assistance and legal representation in civil, administrative, fiscal, commercial and in various labor disputes in Luxembourg. Our lawyers in Luxembourg provide their services in any legal matter, from signing contracts with Luxembourg companies, special services for associations and foundations, company incorporation in Luxembourg, debt recovery, assistance for issues related to commercial contracts, employment, intellectual property, civil law, commercial law, litigation and tax compliance.

 Quick Facts  
Business registration services Our lawyers in Luxembourg can help investors open various types of companies based on the Company Law. 

 Bank account opening services

Our law firm in Luxembourg can help with the creation of personal and corporate bank accounts.

 Support for tax registration

Our specialists offer tax registration services and tax advice 

 Assistance in immigrating to Luxembourg Our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg can help foreign citizens apply for visas and residence permits. 
Guidance in employment matters

We offer support in various employment matters, such as:

– hiring and dismissing employees,

– employment disputes,

– hiring foreign workers 

 Support in Civil Law matters

Our Luxembourg lawyers can help in various Civil Law matters, such as contract drafting and verification. 

 Company liquidation services

We offer company liquidation/dissolution solutions.

 VAT registration support (YES/NO)


 Assistance in Banking Law matters

We can advise on various aspects related to the Luxembourg Banking Law. 

 Debt collection assistance (YES/NO) Yes 
 Support in renting/buying a property

Our lawyers can help you you rent/buy a property in Luxembourg. 

 Assistance in applying for investment visas

Our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg can advise on how to obtain an investment visa. 

 Litigation support (YES/NO)

Yes, our attorneys in Luxembourg are at your disposal with litigation support. 

Trademark registration services (YES/NO) 


 Assistance in inheritance matters (YES/NO) Yes 

Assistance in litigation cases in Luxembourg

Our lawyers in Luxembourg can guide local and foreign citizens and investors in cases of litigation in the Grand Duchy.

There are various types of cases which require legal advice and assistance and, with the help of our law firm in Luxembourg, those in need of such services can benefit from competent assistance in matters of:

  • corporate law: from guidance on commercial disputes to resolving corporate litigation cases;
  • employment law: we can help employers resolve any differences with their employees;
  • civil law: we can help foreign and local citizens resolve various types of disputes related to civil causes, such as family litigation;
  • tax law: we can offer legal solutions to potential clients facing difficulties of taxation nature.

There are several ways of resolving litigation cases in Luxembourg: by mediation and arbitration, which do not need going to a court of law, and court procedures which usually are lengthier and more expensive. Together with our litigation attorneys in Luxembourg, clients can make informed decisions on the course to follow.

Open or close a company, helped by our lawyer in Luxembourg

The company incorporation procedure in Luxembourg is straightforward and a new company can become operational in a relatively short amount of time. However, there are certain steps that need to be followed during the incorporation phase. Our lawyer in Luxembourg can help you open a company, prepare and submit all the necessary documents requested by the authorities. 

Most commercial activities in Luxembourg are regulated and investors will need to obtain a business permit before commencing their activities. Our agents can help you apply for a business permit from the Directorate General for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurship belonging to the Ministry of Economy.

Any company in Luxembourg will need to be registered at the Trade and Companies Register and submit the proper documents for VAT registration with the tax authorities. Our lawyers can help you during all of these steps and can also help you decide what type of company is best suited to your needs.

Our representatives work with accountants in the Grand Duchy. By requesting our services, you can make sure that your company complies with the tax rules in Luxembourg.

Should you need to terminate a business in Luxembourg, our affiliate lawyers can also help you close a company either through dissolution, liquidation or compulsory liquidation. They will guide you through this procedure so that your company will fully close any business activities in the country and, at the same time, pay any debts to its creditors or employees. 

We also offer information about company formation in other countries, such as Turkey

Our legal services in Luxembourg are also presented in the scheme below:


Types of companies in Luxembourg

The following types of companies can be establishedwith the help of our law firm in Luxembourg:

  1. the sole proprietorship which can be set up by one member and needs no share capital;
  2. the partnership which can be general or limited and requires at least two founding members;
  3. the limited liability company which is the most common business form in Luxembourg;
  4. the joint stock or public company which can be used for trading on the Stock Exchange in Luxembourg.

Our Luxembourg lawyers can offer detailed information on each type of company.

There is no need to reside here in order to open a company, however, our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg can answer your questions about visas.

Company registration procedure in Luxembourg

The following steps must be completed in order to register a company in Luxembourg:

  •  have the company’s statutory documents prepared – a process that takes 1 or 2 days;
  •  deposit the share capital of the company in a bank account – this takes 1 day;
  •  reserve the company name with the Trade Register – the procedure takes a few hours;
  •  register the company with the Companies Register – this process takes around 4 days;
  •  obtain the business license with the Ministry of Economy – it can take up to 15 days.

We invite you to watch a short video about the services offered by our affiliate law firm in Luxembourg:

Business consulting services from our Luxembourg lawyers

Business consulting does not refer only to starting a company in Luxembourg, but also to merging or acquiring other companies by choosing the most appropriate solution and guidance in obtaining various types of licenses for the company.

Our law firm in Luxembourg will offer personalized services which will help clients to choose what suits their interests.

Our immigration lawyers in Luxembourg also offer services suited to the needs of foreign business owners interested in relocation. Anyone interested in immigration to Luxembourg for longer than a year must register with the community administration and apply for a foreigner’s identity card, if he or she is an EU resident. The administration will provide the card application forms and the list of required paperwork. However, you can also rely on our lawyers for support.

Set up investment funds in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the leading locations in the world for collective investment undertakings (UCIs or investment funds). These investment vehicles offer the ability to access various portfolio investments, share the associated costs or generate current income. The capital for these funds can be raised from several investors and the amounts are invested according to a specific investment policy.

Luxembourg has a wide range of investment funds available to the experienced entrepreneurs. They are presented by our law firm in Luxembourg:

  • UCITS: undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities which fall under the EU legislation;
  •  AIF: alternative investment fund, which includes the most common type of investment fund: the hedge fund;
  • SIF: specialized investment fund which can be established by professional investors;
  •  FCP: common fund, which is one of the structures used to create an investment fund in Luxembourg;
  • SICAV: investment company with variable capital;
  • SICAF: investment company with fixed capital – the corporate form for opening investment funds.

Our lawyer in Luxembourg can give you detailed information about these investment options, the regulating authorities in this business field, as well as details about the most important investment structures such as the SICAV or SICAF.

Whenever you need legal advice and professional counseling in Corporate Law, our law firm will provide you with a full range of services that will help you resolve any problem that you may encounter.

Assistance in buying real estate property in Luxembourg

No matter if the client is a natural person or a corporate one, they can rely on our Luxembourg lawyers for assistance in purchasing real estate in the Grand Duchy. Our law firm in Luxembourg can help with the following:

  •  real estate due diligence procedures which are the most important when deciding to buy a property;
  •  assistance in drafting the pre-sale and the sale-purchase agreements;
  •  supervision of the entire procedure during the acquisition of the property;
  •  registration of the property with the Luxembourg Land Register upon completion of the purchase.

Our services target the purchase of residential and commercial real estate in Luxembourg. Also, foreign clients who want to sell properties in the Grand Duchy can receive the same services from our Luxembourg law firm.

If you are interested in immigration to Luxembourg, before or after you purchase a property, our team can assist you.

Steps in a litigation case in Luxembourg

The following procedures must be respected when involved in litigation in Luxembourg:

  • the petition with the court filed by the claimant and the notification of the defendant is the first procedure when starting court litigation in Luxembourg;
  • the two parties must then exchange the documents related to the case and prepare the evidence;
  • the court will then hear both parties and accept evidence from both the claimant and the defendant;
  • the closing arguments are then presented by our Luxembourg litigation attorneys;
  • the final judgment is issued by the court; however, appeals can be filed with the higher courts.

Our litigation lawyers in Luxembourg can offer detailed information on the stages of a trial.

Arbitration in Luxembourg

Arbitration is a mechanism for dispute resolution, a private and consensual process leading to final and mandatory duties of the parties. Arbitration in Luxembourg is handled by the Arbitrary Court.

Arbitration and mediation in Luxembourg are becoming more popular for commercial matters, especially for international disputes. In complex judicial matters, arbitration and mediation are often preferred because these two procedures are generally faster, easier and cheaper.

Assistance in litigation in Luxembourg

Our law firm in Luxembourg can advise on the following:

  • commercial and business litigation cases involving companies in Luxembourg;
  • civil matters, such as divorce procedures, child custody, and marriage annulments;
  • debt collection cases, which can be handled amicably or in a court of law;
  • company liquidation cases which are dealt with by the Luxembourg courts.

Limitations and remedies in commercial disputes in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Civil Law provides for a limitation period of 30 years in all civil and commercial claims tried under Civil Procedure Code. On the other hand, the Commercial Law provides for a 10-year limitation period on claims related to commercial disputes in the case of traders, professionals and consumer claims.

The remedies to be issued by the courts after the resolution of a commercial litigation may consist in allocating damage payments, injunctions for respective contractual terms or even to fulfill the obligation of a contract.

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We can also answer your questions about immigration to Luxembourg.

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